Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy week

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Hi everyone! How's your weekend? Ours was okey. I'll upload photos later of some photos we took yesterday from a birthday party we attended. Anywhoo, this is such a busy week for me with Jelynn starting school today I think I have more time to go around town and do what needed to be done.

Things to do:
* Bring Jelynn to school - stay for a brief orientation
* Have my Dad go book the place for the baby shower.
* Go buy a tent & camping supplies - we're going camping this weekend
* Go to Costco - no more bottled waters & pull-ups
* Go to the bank - deposit money before I spend it lol
* Do the laundry - too much laundry if you ask me. How the hell did we get 5 loads of laundry in less than a week?
* Go to the mall - buy more shoes for the girls... I dunno why I keep on buying them sandals when I KNOW that San Francisco is always cold?
* Buy tickets for Bonfante Gardens for 4th of July.
* Do go grocery shopping for Rico's stuff - more boy bawangs, white rabbits & Uncle Ben's ready rice.
* Go to the post office - send a care package to Rico.
* Glucose test AGAIN!- yes I am one of those unfortunate people who gets to do this 1-hour glucose test twice!
* Do organize the girls' clothes. Why I keep on buying them clothes but when I dress them..I can't find anything for them to wear? Where did all their clothes go?

Hopefully, I can tag along Jewelle to everywhere I go lol. It's hard to bring her anywhere she asks too many things lol. She knows how to shop now and she buys things that are not on sale. hahahah. I don't think she'll stay with her Lolo anyways. She won't stay if her ate isn't with her.

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