Saturday, June 9, 2007

Coloring pages

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The girls and I have been coloring most days. I would constantly buy them coloring books to color. It gives them great pride when they finish to color one page. Jelynn especially because she now knows how to color. She calls her finished product her masterpiece. Jewelle on the other hand would scribble the crayons all over the page so she has been wasting a lot of pages. But at least she's learning. I have been looking online for coloring pages I can give to Jelynn since she loves to use the computer now. She constantly asks me to find her a place to explore online. The Doll Place have a new page called Coloring Pages. Just log on at TDP and start browsing their cool coloring pages. There are alot of cartoon characters to choose from so your kids will surely find something they like. Jelynn loves Disney characters and I was browsing Coloring Pages and I saw some disney characters like Ariel, Jasmin and Cinderella. You can even upload your own drawing and TDP will make your drawing interactive and you can share it to everyone you want. It is free to join so create your account today and start saving your creation.

Turn a page like this into....

this. It's so easy just click the part you want to color and press fill.