Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Father's Day Gift

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It is always so hard for me to find gifts for anybody especially guys because of course they aren't women. I find it easier to buy gifts for females than males. Maybe it is easier to find gifts for women because I can totally relate to them. So Father's Day is coming up and I still haven't bought anything for the fathers in my life. I especially need to give a gift to Rico and my Dad because the last few months they have been there for me. Especially when I got pregnant, I could hardly get up and do my duties as a mom to Jelynn and Jewelle and they were there ready to help me. They were doing the duties that suppose to be my duties. I always thank God for giving me the best dad in the world even though I can be totally difficult at times. And what can I say about Rico he is the greatest. This pregnancy is harder than the first too and he was always there every step of the way. So I need to get them both something very special. I have been searching both in the mall and online. I haven't had any luck until I found Belisi Neckties. Belisi neckties are handmade silk ties that has more silk than any ordinary ties. They have a lot of design you can select from and if you can't decide on one particular pattern you can buy a gift card for that special Dad in your life and he can be the one to pick his own ties if not they have scarves and pocket squares too so I bet he can find something for himself. Why settle for something ordinary doesn't he deserve an extraordinary gift from you? Make his day special by giving him Belisi Neckties because they surely know how to make the men our lives feel extra special.

Here's a new Press Release from Belisi:

Finding the Right Gift for Father’s Day May Not Be as Hard as You Think

Give a Gift Dad Will Remember…Luxurious, Stylish, and Thoughtful

PALM BEACH , FLORIDA– (MAY 15, 2007) --Okay, so Father’s Day is right around the corner. Wondering what to get Dad? Neckties are often times considered the “stand-by” gift for guys but not anymore. More and more Dads are putting their best fashion foot forward with colorful neckties, as they know this simple accessory can make or break an outfit. Whether you are looking for the red power tie or sophisticated yet casual, there is a tie for every occasion. Give Dad a gift he will remember, something he can wear and treasure for years to come. Dad will feel extra special this year with a beautiful Italian necktie or pocket square from Belisi. With each Father’s Day purchase at Belisi, customers will receive free shipping with their orders. To qualify for free shipping, customers should visit

Belisi ties are made with more silk per inch than the average tie, which creates a fuller necktie knot, the hallmark of true luxury silk neckties. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to select a thoughtful gift that any father would appreciate.

Pocket squares, which are making a big comeback, also make excellent Father's Day gifts. Belisi pocket squares are oversized, made with a lavish thick silk and hand-rolled on the border. So if you want to give a unique gift for that special guy in your life, a pocket square fits the bill. Another reason ties are still a fresh gift idea is that men can wear ties that accessorize with their partner’s silk scarf, which she can wear tied around her neck or draped around her shoulders as a shawl, tied on her wrist, worn as a belt or handbag accessory or in her hair (a very hot trend right now).

Belisi Fashions remains steadfast in giving back to those less fortunate. Through the “Belisi Luxury with Meaning” program a minimum of 10 percent of the company’s pre-tax profits are donated to those in need. Keeping in-line with Belisi’s mission to create a community within a community, customers decide which charity to make their contribution. Some of the charities include: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Heart Association, and

Belisi was built on the philosophy that a tie or a scarf is more than an article of clothing—it completes your look. “There are plenty of Web sites where you can buy accessories but few where you feel like you’re a part of a fashion community,” affirms Peter Belisi of Belisi Fashions.

The Belisi brand is flourishing, and anticipates the release of its new luxury handbag collection in Fall ’07. As with all Belisi products, the handbag collection will feature extraordinary detailing including real gold hardware, soft treated Italian leather and brushed fabrics, plus many other exclusive features only available through

About is an online community where customers are “Insiders” instead of order numbers. Being an “Insider” means access to special privileges including free shipping, gift wrap on all orders and a designated place on the Belisi Insider’s Advisory Board. Belisi Insiders’ opinions are more than thoughts expressed in cyber space. Peter Belisi embraces each comment, suggestion or question and responds to his clients personally. Belisi’s fashion blogs offer up-to-the-minute insight from fashion, beauty and lifestyle experts. Find out more by visiting: for women and for men. Belisi also has a beauty blog,, which keeps customers “in the know” about all things related to beauty—inside and out.

About Belisi Fashions

The Belisi brand is the brainchild of Peter Belisi, whose lifelong aspirations were to fuse the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian sophistication. Belisi embodies the spirit of true entrepreneurship with a passion for the best of everything, which is evident in the quality products produced. Each dramatic detail in a Belisi tie, pocket square and scarf represents Belisi’s unwavering commitment to creating fashion products that embody timeless sophistication and enduring beauty.

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Amy Covington


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Cher Murphy

So hurry and buy the Dad that has been there for you throughout the years. He simply deserves the very best so choose Belisi and I'm pretty sure he will surely feel so special?