Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fleas control

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The girls are in the stage where they want to be able to have a pet. I think they wnat a poodle. How cute huh? If only they are old enough to take care a pet then why not. Maybe when they get older. I think they're getting jealous of their Ninang Cherry's two chihuahuas. But to be able to have a pet you have to control their fleas also so that it won't spread to the other pets. I've seen pets who have gotten feline cystitis and that needs to be treated right away before the irritation gets infected. If you have pets that is infected by fleas whether it is a cat or a dog just do log on at and you can get information hot to treat and control their fleas. You do want you pets healthy too. That comes with the responsibility of owning pets and that's what I want the girls to learn.