Thursday, June 14, 2007

Headache wouldn't go away!

11:26 PM / 1 comments

I swear I'm going crazy here thinking that this headache is something serious. 1000mg of tylenol doesn't even touch it. And the pain behind my right ear seems to feel like a cut then you put an alcohol in it. It stings! I have been thinking that I may be getting an aneurysm any minute because it hurts in the same spot and it seems like not my ordinary migraines. I called my OB and complained about it she gave me a narcotic but I'm scared to take because even when she said it won't affect the baby or anything they aren't too sure. I tried massaging my head, my neck, but with no avail. It hurts like hell. I can't sleep because it is just too painful. Then all I do is start praying and start crying because I'm getting scared that it's something serious. Even my migraines did not last this long. It has been 6 days and it feels like there's no improvement. It even seems like it is getting worse. This afternoon was the worst. I even try pulling my hair because I didn't know what else to do. I took 500mg of tylenol at 2pm and by 4pm it was like hell. I couldn't take anything else it still isn't time. So I cried and I cried because I don't even know how to take the pain away. I went back so many times of what I did and what I ate but I can't find something that would cause this headache. I can't rest too much also because Jewelle is still having stomach problems. I brought her to the doctor yesterday and they gave her lacto bacillus to help with the digestion of food and they tested her stools for possible bacteria. We still haven't gotten the results. I don't even know how to help her because she gets these stomach spasms where she feels so much pain. She would cry calling her daddy and yelling "Oh My God Mommy please stop no more please no more." It just breaks my heart. She can't sleep at night because she gets tummy aches every hour or so. This afternoon she was having the spasms every ten minutes. She doesn't even want me to touch her behind anymore because her diaper rash is so bad it's bleeding. She's getting traumatized by the site of diaper wipes and water. I just kept crying because I don't even know how to make my baby feels better. I know it sounds like I'm having a panic attack again but I just don't know anymore. Headaches wouldn't leave me alone and so is the Diarrhea wouldn't leave Jewelle. Tomorrow is a new day hopefully it'll be a much better day than today....