Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jewelle Update!

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I brought Jewelle again to the pediatrician yesterday because of the constant cramping/pain on her tummy. She couldn't sleep undisturbed because the cramping does occur every 10 minutes or so. I think she can only sleep when she was too tired already and doesn't care how painful her tummy is. She makes poopie so many times a day that her bottom is so irritated she doesn't want me to wipe it. So I have to bring her in the bathtub even in the middle of the night. Thank God it hasn't been cold here lately. So I took her in for checkup again because her tummy isn't getting better and guess what they found out. She is constipated. I tell you if they have checked her tummy two weeks ago she would have been better by then. Argghhh! They prescribed her laxative to make her go because her poopie is too hard already. And she was traumatized probably from her diarrhea. She now knows that making her go creates rash and she's avoiding that that's why she doesn't want to go. You can see she's trying not to go crossing her legs and flexing her legs' muscles. Last night I gave her the laxative and she went twice with big poopie (sorry if your eating or your sensitive about this topic lol). After letting those out she felt much much better. No crying, no whining, no going in the middle of the night. Hopefully this continues so she doesn't have to go have her tummy ultrasound.