Friday, June 22, 2007

Joyce wants....

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I snagged this tag from Nita. It was fun! I'm tagging all my friends who are linked in my blog!

Instruction: Go to, write your name and the word "wants" in the google and click the Goggle Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search.

Here are the results of my search:
*What Joyce wants, Joyce gets....definitely lol
*Joyce wants to know if lysol disinfectant wipes work ...sure lol
*Joyce wants to know if Johnny Fresh toilet bowl cleaner really works or not....hahah it looks like I like cleaning? NOt! lol
*Joyce wants cleaning job Cape Town Cape Town work wanted...uh Okeyyy
*Joyce wants to go right to the top with England from Evening Standard (London)
*Joyce wants to make music that’s ‘gender-free’.
*Joyce wants to encourage other women to be all they can be in NAA and in life!

For variation, you may also use "needs" or "likes" or "loves."