Tuesday, June 5, 2007

little girl is sick

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Jewelle has diarrhea ...poor girl. She's has been going poo-poo so many times now she has this bad diaper rash. It is a struggle to change her pull-ups because she refuse to have it change. She kept telling me no wiping...go away. I told her I'll just wash it but she threw the biggest tantrums I could ever imagine. Kicking, screaming, pointing, crying, you name it she'd done it. I had to have her Lolo carry her in the bathtub while I wash her behind but it was the biggest struggle I ever had to do. She is so strong. She knew how to fight back. All three of us were wet after we were finished. I keep giving her liquids because I don't want her to be dehydrated but I think she has lost her appetite. She doesn't want to eat anything or drink her milk which is very unusual of her because she has the appetite of her daddy.

Well the grandparents came home yesterday. I expected that they'll be bringing alot since they had two balikbayan boxes back. OMG! So disappointing lol. They bought maternity clothes that you see on movies called "Daster" yikes! lol. Filipino pocketbooks that they bought were not enough and to top it all most of them are the same titles. They brought too many boy bawang eh ang dami na kaya dito they should have bought something that you can't buy here. Oh well, I know that they were busy doing some stuff in the Philippines plus the age gap doesn't help. What they think is cute might not be cute to me lol. At least they brought some pastillas & yema heheh.

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