Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Migraines saga continues....

10:38 AM / 3 comments

Yes, I still have this horrible headache. I almost called the doctor this morning to make an appointment because of the headache. I drank some tylenol yesterday but it didn't even help a bit. I just fell asleep, when I woke up I still have the horrible migraine. I woke up this morning with a dull pain in my lower head radiating to my teeth. For me it is great to find what triggers your headaches/migraines so you know how to avoid it next time:

1. Bad posture...Since I woke up with the migraine...it might be because of my posture while sleeping. It's harder now to sleep comfortably since my tummy is getting bigger so this could be the reason.

2. Vision: Since I read until the wee hours of the night and I am in front of the computer most of the time...it could be that I strained my eyes because I hardly use my glasses.

3. Missing meals: Since when I woke up Sunday at 10:30 I already missed breakfast. It could be that but after eating headache still continues.

4. Lack of sleep: Since the little girl still makes poopie every couple of hours even at nightime. I'm unable to get a straight 6 hours sleep.

5. Food: I ate some Knorr chicken noodle soup the night before. I heard people telling me that instant soups gives them migraines.

6. High blood pressure resulting from pregnancy -meaning preclampsia? But I had appointment last June 6 and my blood pressure was normal.

7. Cavities: Since the pain radiates all the way to my right mouth could it be cavities? But I had my six month checkup late april and the dentist didn't say anything about cavities.

8. Stress Related: Could I be thinking too much?

9. Others...could it be more serious? I really hope it's not that serious.

I drank 1000mg of tylenol this morning hoping that it'll go away by the middle of the day if not I definitely have to call my doctor this afternoon because it has been three days. This is the worst headache I experienced this year so far. Arghhh! I hate it hopefully it gets better because I'm having a hard time taking care of the girls and sleeping too.