Monday, June 11, 2007


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How was your weekend guys? Mine wasn't too good. I woke up Sunday morning with a splitting headache. I read in a lot of pregnancy books that migraines should temporary go away during pregnancy but not mine. Yesterday the girls and I woke up at about 10am, I thought maybe the headache was caused by me missing a breakfast but after eating headaches did not subside. By lunchtime I was hurting bad, I didn't want to drink tylenol because it'll make me sleepy and when migraines strike Tylenol usually don't make it better because my migraines are far too stronger than Tylenol. I needed somthing stronger Motrin perhaps but Motrin is not recommended for pregnant women so I have no choice but to have that splitting headache that is radiating all the way to my left mouth. By 3Pm I couldn't take it anymore, I was relieved that Jewelle decided to take a nap. You see she's still making poops every couple of hours. That means taking her into the bathtub, washing her behind and putting cream. When she decided to go to sleep, I decided to take a nap with her hoping that when I wake up it'll all be better. But to my horror, it became worse. We ate at about 7PM and I decided to go to sleep really early. By 9PM , I had the girls all ready for bed. They were complaining that it was too early but I just couldn't take it anymore I had to sleep it off because it was too bad already that it was affecting my vision. They finally said okey fine let's go to sleep. By 10:30PM Jewelle started crying and alas she made poopie again. Arghhh! No choice I had to go and wash her because she doesn't want her Lolo to change her at all. After changing her, we went back to bed but I can't seem to go sleep and headache is still as bad as before I went to sleep. Finally, at about midnight I think I was able to fall asleep. My body clock is probably used to the midnight bedtime. I woke up at 7am with a crying Jewelle. Of course, she made poopie again and she needed change. Headache isn't as bad but it still there. Oh well hopefully as the day progresses it'll get better.

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