Friday, June 22, 2007

packing supplies

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With Rico's job we move around a lot. We don't stay in one place that long. We stay in one place for about 3 years and so then he gets transfered again and we have to move our stuff once more. It is sometimes very sad for us to leave a place but that's part of his job. And because moving a lot could damage our furnitures we need great packing supplies. It is important to protect all the furnitures we have because we spent money buying them and it'll go to waste if not packed correctly. I don't want to keep buying new furnitures every time we move you know? You need bubble wrap and furniture protectors to wrap your precious housewares into because they could easily break with the move especially when you are moving across the country or so. It is very important to protect those memories that comes with the furnitures or housewares that you have because they may be gifts from your loved ones. So log on at The Packing Station and get all your moving supplies.