Saturday, June 9, 2007


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The parents came home from their three week vacation from the Philippines. They brought alot of tsitsirias and I have been eating like crazy. They seem to need another vacation from their vacation they look so tired lol. I guess Philippine traffic and weather can get to you. I asked them to buy me a lot of maternity clothes but I guess they didn't really have time to go around because they had to process some papers for my stepmom. Here's what they brought from the Philippines.

Here are some of the food they brought home:

Jewelle loves this stuff.

Rico and I love this tuna and luncheon meat. Great for breakfast.

Love love this soup. I love to put eggs in there.

Philippine's version of milk chocolate hehe.

Philippine peanut butter is the yummiest lol.

Some dried mangoes and cornicks hehe.