Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother

6:56 PM / 1 comments

Anybody seen Pinoy Big Brother Season 2? I'm so relieved that's it's going to end next Saturday. I got turned off by the middle of the season because it seems like the show is scripted. I especially hate it when they did the Balikbahay thing. Evicted housemates going back in? I think it's unfair for those housemates that remained inside the house. They shouldn't be part of the Big 4. This is what I don't like sometimes in Filipino shows they tend to care about the rating game too much so they sacrifice quality shows for a great rating. Oh well, hopefully they won't have PBB Season 3 lol I think alot of people got turned off already and I doubt if it'll rate if they have a new one.