Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Police enthusiast

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Are you one of the Police enthusiast out there? I surely am. Who doesn't know them anyways. The Police is a three-piece rock band consisting of singer/bassist Sting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers . They became popular in the 80's worldwide, playing a style of rock that is influenced by reggae and punk. Their 1983 album Synchronicity was number one in the UK and the US, and went Platinum eight times in the US. So I know that you know them and they release a Police Cd last June 5th. When you buy their 2 disc compilation you can get a free vintage poster with it too. I have the CD and I know you'll definitely love their tracks so get yours today. There are 28 tracks on the CD so I guarantee that it is well worth it. For more information about The Police, just click this link. The link will provide you with videos, track list /jukebox, tour dates, how to enter their contest, ringtones and of course how you can share this wonderful news to fellow police enthusiast. Do enter their contest also you might just win a trip to New York City to see the Police live. How cool is that? It will be a dream come true for a Police enthusiast to see the Police live in person. And also don't forget to buy their CD this is a great addition to your Police collection