Friday, June 15, 2007


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I have always been fascinated with houses. Every time I get a chance I love looking at houses which are for sale even though I really don't have plans on buying a house right now especially because of Rico's job. But the parents are planning on buying a bigger house hopefully get the house my uncle is trying to sell. But the house is in need of total remodeling. I mean everything needs changing because they are in the Philippines right now and nobody was living in the house for so long now. Now they need to change everything. From the bathroom, to the doorways to Mailboxes. But once they finished fixing the house it will be like brand new. And my dad really wants it because of course it is much cheaper than any houses here in Daly City. And everything push through he can get custom Mailboxes for the house that he can put in front of the house. He can even design his own. How nice huh? I love looking at mailboxes in alot of houses. Especially if they are unique, they give the house character.