Friday, June 8, 2007

shoe shopping

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You know what I absolutely love to buy? It's shoes hahaha duh it was pretty obvious with my title lol. I absolutely love to look at little girls' shoes. As much as I love buying the girls clothes what I love even more is to buy them shoes. Little girl shoes are so adorable. Everytime I go to the mall I always look at shoes even though the girls don't need any. I was browsing my bloglines feeds and as I was reading Gina Miller's blog I saw her fascination of crocs. I've always wanted to buy one for the girls especially summer is past approaching but I don't want the regular boring crocs and I saw that she got some disney ones. When Jewelle saw it she said she want some disney shoes. Look how cute these are:

It's $30 for each pair. I thought of getting one of each for the girls. If you want one log on at

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