Tuesday, June 26, 2007

shoe shopping

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Since it's cold here in the Bay Area Jelynn would need a bunch of closed toe shoes when she goes to school. Especially they go to the playground almost everyday and it would be inconvenient for her to use sandals if she goes and play on the playground. While she was in school today Jewelle and I went to buy some shoes for her. The little one kept asking me if those shoes were for her and I kept telling her it's for ate hahaha so what she does was she kept on picking some shoes and kept telling me it's hers lol. But I told her she has a lot of shoes, ate old shoes lol. Since she doesn't go to school she doesn't need new ones right now lol. Plus she doesn't like sneakers anyways, she likes sandals which exposed her toes because she gets hot easily when she gets hot she takes out her shoes. So anyways here's what we got ate:

Ralph Lauren Sneaker (Didn't find a picture of it online maybe this was a few season ago...got it at Marshalls at a great deal)

Diesel Mosley Slip On...got it at Nordstrom Rack..cheaper than at Nordstrom...$30 instead of $50 at Nordstrom hehe.