Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

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Thirteen Things I want to do before the YEAR ends

1. Go on a vacation with the whole family..probably Hawaii..hoping..praying.
2. Give birth..hahah definitely
3. Baptism of Baby JE
4. Go Camping..since the girls really never went camping..we'll be doing that this weekend.
5. Go take the girls to a water park especially it's finally getting hotter here in the Bay Area!
5. Finish up the girls' baby albums! (I know it's past overdue)
6. Do have all my scrapbooking layouts printed!
7. Go to Vegas...we usually do a yearly trip to Vegas but alas this year we haven't been yet but hey there's still 5 months to go lol.
8. Go to Lake Tahoe!
9. Do lose the extra weight I will gain by the end of the pregnancy...can I lose it in two months? I give birth on October...sometimes I'm not that realistic lol. Do try to slim down at the very least.
10. Have a family picture...ahhh this seems like so easy to do but when you have girls who can't sit still for 5 takes about 5 times going back and forth to the photo studio to finally get a great one lol.
11. Try to visit the grandparents in Ohio.
12. Enroll both girls to Ballet & Tap
13. Potty-trained Jewelle so she can start going to preschool. She gets jealous of her big sister.

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