Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on my busy week

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Things to do:
* Bring Jelynn to school - stay for a brief orientation - Done...also had orientation Tuesday..she seems to like going to school but the little girl gets jealous she wants to go to school too lol
* Have my Dad go book the place for the baby shower. -Done we went to see the places we were choosing from and we finally decided for Aug. 5th Baby us plenty of time to prepare.
* Go buy a tent & camping supplies - we're going camping this weekend - Done also...gosh those big tents are expensive ..we need a tent that is 7 ft high and can accommodate at least 6 people because we're rooming in with Lolo & Lola
* Go to Costco - no more bottled waters & pull-ups - Done...bought other stuff too is cheaper to buy bulk stuff but I keep thinking where I'm going to store all of them lol.
* Go to the bank - deposit money before I spend it lol
* Do the laundry - too much laundry if you ask me. How the hell did we get 5 loads of laundry in less than a week? - Yes..finally...folded all of them too.
* Go to the mall - buy more shoes for the girls... I dunno why I keep on buying them sandals when I KNOW that San Francisco is always cold? Done this yesterday with Jewelle..they just don't have a lot of selection of sneakers right now because it's summer time.
* Buy tickets for Bonfante Gardens for 4th of July.
* Do go grocery shopping for Rico's stuff - more boy bawangs, white rabbits & Uncle Ben's ready rice.
* Go to the post office - send a care package to Rico.
* Glucose test AGAIN!- yes I am one of those unfortunate people who gets to do this 1-hour glucose test twice!
* Do organize the girls' clothes. Why I keep on buying them clothes but when I dress them..I can't find anything for them to wear? Where did all their clothes go?

* Go to office depot buy some ink cartridges
* Go grocery shopping - ang bilis mawalan ng pagkain dito lol
* Go to Farmer's Market tomorrow and go buy some kettle popcorn and fruits.
* Do back up my files - especially the pics. Sometimes I procrastinate about doing this lol.
* Go to Target again -buy some swim diapers for Jewelle, sunblock and stuff to bring to camping.

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