Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vacation Planning

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Rico and I have been planning to go somewhere together especially we never really have the so-called honeymoon. It is going to be a dream come true for both of us to go to Europe. Europe is so different from the United States. I've always been fascinated with European history so it would be really nice to go there and experience it first hand. One European city we would love to go to is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is commonly referred to as the most colorful city in the world. They have beautiful museums and colorful gardens we can explore.

Rico said we can go on a vacation just the two us when I give birth so I started looking for Amsterdam Hotels. Since traveling to Europe can be really expensive we need to find the best deals. At you can find European hotels at a great price.We also plan on going to Italy Rome to be exact since we're already there it is easier to go to all the countries we want than go back another time. Rome Hotels at Easytobook are the best. They have the cheapest deals but the best hotels out there. So if you're planning to go to Europe just like us why not log on at Easytobook and find a great place to stay.