Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to School Sale

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It seems like everywhere I go there is a sale. Since August is past approaching every store is having a back to school sale and Wirefly is not exception. Wirefly's cell phone sale is great because I need to buy a new cellphone and shop for a new plan for Rico since he's coming home in a few months. I'm eyeing the Blackberry since we do use the phone for texts a lot. This would be a great phone to have if you do love to text. So I have been looking for blackberry deals out there and I found one at wirefly. I can get the Blackberry Pearl free after an instant rebate with a new T-Mobile account. Since T-Mobile have great plans I wouldn't mind switching since I can still retain my cellphone number. So if you are shopping for a new plan or a new cellphone try Wirefly because they have so many deals you wouldn't know what to get. The sale ends on August 26 so hurry!