Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bye Bye School...

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Tomorrow will be Jelynn's last day of summer school. I am extremely proud of her because she wasn't like me when she first went to school. I was a crybaby when I went to school the first time. I didn't want my parents to leave me but the little girl had so much fun in school she didn't mind being left alone. I didn't even have to bribe her lol. You see Jelynn wasn't able to attend preschool because we were in the process of moving at that time and when we moved to San Diego she was put on waiting list and by the time they called us we were moving back here in San Francisco. So this Kindergarten Readiness program is her "first" school. She did much much better that I ever imagined. She is too popular hahaha. Everyone knows her name, even the parents! She starts kindergarten on August so she has about a month off before she starts school again. I bet she'll miss going to school, she really likes it. She doesn't even mind waking up early to go school hehehe.