Thursday, July 19, 2007

Drink your Veggies

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I have never been a vegetable person until I got pregnant. Since I have to take care of another person other than myself I have to eat something healthy. I don't need to remind all of you that vegetable is important in a balanced and healthy diet. Now that my kids are getting older I want them to be able to have vegetables in their diet. I want them to be able to have at least five to nine servings of vegetables daily to keep them strong and healthy. Drink My Daily Veggies is a great way to have them attain that goal. Drink your Veggies is not great for adults but also kids will love it too. This is not a juice but dried vegetables with no added salts, no sugars and other preservatives. So it is absolutely healthy. And only 35 calories per serving. It is great to use in a lot of recipes or you can just add it to rice if you are to busy to cook a dish and viola you have gotten your daily serving of vegetables. You can try My Daily Veggies free just log on at to get your free 7 day supply a $10 value.