Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm proud of myself..hehehe

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hahahah of course I'm always proud of myself but I'm extremely proud of myself because since Rico left I was able to pay off most of our credit card bills. It took a lot of self control from spending those extra money for shopping hahaha. I still do shop most of the time but now I can control how much I spend (ehem! lol...I know some will disagree especially my Dad lol). I was also able to put some money in our savings account every month plus I had Rico increased the saving bonds for the girls. I could have use the money for shopping but I didn't see I'm growing up lol. Hopefully by the time Rico gets back in the middle of September I also have enough save for our vacation so we don't need to touch our savings. I think my girls deserve to go somewhere especially Jewelle since she's been sick on and off. She needs to get out of the Bay Area and have vacation somewhere. And if I can save enough she might just get her Wahaii ...yes that's how she pronounce Hawaii lol.

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