Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jewelle is sick again...

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This time with her cold and cough. She has been having a fever since yesterday. It's not terribly high just above normal but she does feel hot. It's not making her cranky or anything so I didn't give her any fever reducer meds. Hopefully it'll go away on it's own by today. When she woke up today her temperature is slightly higher about 100.4 degrees. Even Jelynn mentioned that her sister is hot. It seems like she's been sick for 2 months already, after the diarrhea, it was constipation then she had that terrible allergy reaction to food and then she got her sister cold & cough now she's having the fever. It just breaks my heart to see my baby sick. I mean I'm used to her being strong and all and it just makes me cry everything she'll say "Mommy, I don't feel good." Well, hopefully she'll get better by today if not I will have to bring her into see her pediatrician because it might be ear infection due to her cold.

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