Thursday, July 12, 2007


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In a lot of home improvements, the little details does make a difference. My friend back in Oxnard is having her front yard landscaped. She wants her yard to look beautiful. With fountains, little palm trees, and manicured grass. She was also looking for a beautiful mailbox because she doesn't want the ordinary mailbox she has in front of her house. So she asked me to find one for her and I came across Gaines mailboxes.

Gaines Mailboxes carry a wide selection of different mailboxes. I know that my friend would surely love their original Keystone mailboxes because they look so elegant. Plus they are having a sale so I bet she'll appreciate the extra discount and free shipping on all orders. And for limited time every order will receive $25 Mr Handyman gift certificate. Anyways, I'll go now and let her know about the Gaines mailboxes. I bet she'll be so excited to add one of these beautiful mailboxes in front of her house. It does add a great curb appeal.