Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mama Facts

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A tag from Kristine. Thanks sis!

Ten random facts about a one of a kind lady named, Flor, my mom.

1. For me she was the best mom. She did everything she could to raise me the best way she can even though she was in the hospital most of the time.
2. She was the youngest in her family and was her parents' favorite.
3. She was sick for almost 16 years from kidney failure. She had a transplant way back in 1987 but that kidney did fail her again in 1998.
4. She was really strict which I took it against her. I didn't know then that she was only trying to protect me now that I'm a mom I fully understand her.
5. She waited for me to give birth before she died. I think that was her last wish to see her first grandchild. She died three weeks after Jelynn was born.
6. She prays the rosary every single day. Sometimes three times a day. She taught me that prayers do make miracles.
7. She cooks the best food. She taught me how to cook when I came to the States since I had yayas in the Philippines I never learn how to cook back home.
8. I was her life. She loved me with everything she had.
9. She only had me because after I was born she couldn't conceive anymore due to her kidney failure. And it took them almost five years before they had me.
10. The only man she ever loved was my Dad.

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