Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OB Appointment

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Jewelle and I went to my OB appointment today. Everything looks alright. Yey!! NO gestational diabetes this time which is a good news because two kids, a pregnant lady plus poking yourself 5 times a day. Not a good site lol. I gained 5lbs hahaha. Gosh 127lbs already. She said I'm on the normal range so I have nothing to worry about but I keep thinking I have gained alot lol. I think I must let go of the pandesal lol maybe try wheat bread instead. Yuck! Aside from that I measure 26 inches and the baby's heartbeats look good so next appointment at 3 weeks after that it'll be two weeks. Wow! I'm almost there. Just less than 3 months and the baby will be here. I'm just so excited. After the baby shower which is on August 5th, I will have to start rearranging the house for the baby's things. So many things to do but so exciting as well. hehehe.

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