Monday, July 9, 2007

Peanuts are bad

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So since the little girl have an allergy to peanuts I have been teaching her to say the following phrases:

"Peanuts are bad."
"Peanuts make me sick."
"I'm allergic to peanuts."

But then she keeps saying peanuts are dirty you need to clean it lol. Maybe it'll take awhile but I won't stop especially now that we know it will make her sick. We threw away all the nuts we have in the house and we're all learning to read all food labels. We're also getting ourselves familiarize with different words that they use for peanuts. Like arachis oil or hydrolyzed vegetable protein. We don't know how severe the next exposure to nuts could be for Jewelle so we're not taking chances. We have the adrenaline shots too just in case of emergency. I know that it is unfair for Jelynn to avoid peanuts too but if it will make her sister healthy then she will be deprived of peanuts also so are the other members of our family.

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