Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sydney, Australia

10:08 PM / 6 comments

As you all know Rico is on deployment right now but he is coming home soon. Just a couple more months and he'll be here just in time for Baby JE's arrival. Anyways, since they are on their way back to San Diego they might stop by Australia. So he asked me to find cheap Sydney hotels they can stay overnight. If they stay in a hotel they'll have more time to tour Sydney. I know how much he loves Australia so why not let him.

Last time he was there he wasn't able to go to the Sydney Opera so he really wants to go there. But I just need to find them a reasonable Sydney accommodation they can stay at. A hotel that is also close to a lot of Sydney's tourist spots so they don't have a hard time going around. I found cheap Sydney hotels at that the guys would probably love because it is close to Darling Harbour. I do hope they'll like it.