Friday, July 20, 2007

Time for shopping

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It is the time again to redeem my accumulated gymbucks. I swear every time I go inside Gymboree I go home broke hahaha. I had to redeem my $100 gymbucks so that means I have to buy at least $200 worth of clothes so that they'll take out the $100 and of course I always go overboard especially now that Jelynn goes to school. It means buying more and more clothes for her. Here's what I picked up from Gymboree for the girls:

The umbrella was bought because Jewelle wanted it lol. She didn't want to let it go so I had to buy it for her before she throws a tantrum right then and there. I swear the little girl have her own shopping list lol.

Then we dropped by Nordstrom because they are having an Anniversary Sale. I spent some money there too. Got some vest and matching dresses for the girls. Plus a bunch of long sleeve shirts for cold weather. I still have a lot on my lists for Jelynn because most of her clothes are getting smaller since she gets taller really fast. Most of her 4t/5t clothes doesn't fit anymore so I moved it to Jewelle's closet.