Sunday, July 29, 2007

What are my fingers' names?

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Late last night, Jewelle and I were still awake. She didn't sleep early because she took a late nap waking up at 8:30 so at midnight she was still wide awake. I was reading my book and told her:

Sleep now, baby.
No, not yet..not sleepy yet.
But it's late.
No, it's not. (She is stubborn I tell ya...must have gotten it from her mother lol)
Oh oke, what are you going to do?
Read my book. Get my Elmo book please.

I gave her her elmo book.
She started reading but then she kept asking me what's happening, so I told her:

You're not reading.
No, I am. See it's a perfect day for picnic. (Pointing to the book's title)
Oh oke, read your book then I'll read mine too.

After awhile, she got tired of her book and watched me read. Then she asked pointing to her fingers:
What's this finger's name? (showing her index)
Index finger.
How about this?
This one?
This one?
How about this one?
Oh your thumb is reading your book.

I look at my thumb and because I was holding my book and the thumb is on top of the pages.
What a silly little girl lol. Made me laugh in the middle of the night.