Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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The story revolves around a young cook named Ysabella Cuenca. At an early age, Ysay develops an inclination for cooking, and dreams of becoming a great cook like her mother, Rosario Cuenca.

However, her mother's misfortune causes Ysay to taste the bitterness of life. This teaches her to be meticulous and devoted to her cooking, and cynical when it comes to love. She grows with one goal in mind—to be the best cook in their area and exact revenge on the woman who was responsible for her mother's misery.

Along the way, Ysay meets two men who will show her how sweet it is to fall in love. Who will give her the right mixture of happiness? Will it be the cocky, street-smart Andrew Amarillo or the chef Mito Valenzuela ?

Ysabella is played by Judy Ann Santos and Andrew Amarillo is played by her real life boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo and Mito Valenzuela is played by Derek Ramsey.

I totally enjoy watching this show because it's light and funny. Not too dramatic but full of romantic moments. I love watching Ysay and Mito together. They really have the chemistry. Is it so wrong if I like them better than her boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo? Hehehe. I would love them to end up together at the end but of course we all know that they won't and she'll end up with Andrew Amarillo played by her real life boyfriend. I love weekdays now because I'm able to watch Ysabella. They keep me tuned in every night.