Wednesday, August 29, 2007

bad night....

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We had a rough night once again..they girls are still sick. But what's worse is that Jewelle right eye swelled up last night. I was so scared that her whole face will swell up again. I immediately gave her benadryl and have the epipen ready just in case. I really don't know anymore what to give her to eat because I gave her Mac and cheese last night and a juice which she usually been drinking and eating the last couple of days with NO reaction but then there it goes swelling on the eye at midnight last night. Thank God I don't sleep early then I would have probably not catch it. I saw a little rash on her eye before we were going to sleep. I usually monitor her rashes and wait it out if it goes away or it gets better. After about ten minutes it was getting bigger and bigger so I got her benadryl to stop the swelling. I wasn't able to sleep that much because I keep waking up to see if it was getting worse. Plus Jelynn couldn't have a restful sleep because of her cough. I tried giving her some tylenol but she threw it up. Today I'll be bringing them both to the doctor after Jelynn's first day of school. Hopefully, the pediatrician will give them medicine they can actually take. And then I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose. Yes, it was a pretty rough night over here hopefully it'll get better.

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