Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting ready for school...

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We received the letter from Jelynn's school yesterday and she starts school on the 29th of this month. She will be going to school from 8:25AM to 1:40PM. Awww I didn't know that kindergarten is that long hahaha. I think I'm the one who needs to prepare for school because I'll miss my big girl terribly. Then we plan on enrolling her to ballet twice a week which is tuesday and thursday at 4:15. She'll be a little busy. I don't know how I'm going to bring her to Dance school with two babies in tow but she does want to go to Ballet school so why not. I'm still deciding if Jewelle would want to because if I enroll her now it's a ten month commitment so I don't want to enroll her just yet maybe if she sees her Ate wearing ballet clothes she'll want to join too. Anyways, we just need to order Jelynn's uniforms for school then she'll be just about ready.

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