Monday, August 27, 2007

I promise...

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I won't buy anymore clothes for the girls. I was fixing the girls clothes yesterday because I asked my dad to install another rack of clothes storage in the room because all of the girls' clothes are folded and I could hardly find anything. He was able to install about 8ft of clothes rack and can you believe's not enough enough for the girls' clothes hahaha. The shirts/blouses did not even fit over there. The closet is already full and most of the storage racks for theirs pants are full. I thought by installing another rack I could free some space for Baby JE's clothes but noooo. It's still not enough lol. I bought almost 200 hangers and guess what? I still ran out lol. Now I know when Rico tells me that the girls have too many clothes already. So I promise not to buy anymore clothes for awhile. Let's see how long that will last lol.