Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Thoofing along!

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When I have nothing to do in the computer I usually try to find great websites to browse. Since I hardly watch TV I like to read my news instead of watching them. I was browsing online for news and came across Thoof offers personalized news that caters to your personal taste. If you only want to see celebrity news you can do so at Thoof. Just click at the news that you are interested in and Thoof will do the rest. Thoof will access only the news that you would like to read. You don't need to browse other news until you find the one that you like, Thoof will only deliver you the news you care about. That's easy isn't it? More convenient too. You can even vote if you don't like how the news are delivered. You get to change how it is written. You get to be a part of the Thoof democracy. There is also an ThoofRank button for your blog. Everytime you submit a story at Thoof you get a ThoofRank Badge for your blog or website. So if you want to the read news that you are interested in without all the hassles of browsing through articles after articles Thoof if for you.