Thursday, August 23, 2007

Memory Walk

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Alzheimer's has been very close to my heart because my grandfather suffered Alzheimer's before he died. It was pretty devastating to see that a person you love cannot recognize you anymore. It was mostly heartbreaking for my Dad to see his father who he idolize ever since he was a little boy cannot remember him. He would constantly calls us in different names. He couldn't function by himself anymore. He needed help even to do simple things like eating and going to the bathroom. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dimentia, a term used for loss of memory and other intellectual abilities serious enough to interfere to daily activities. Right now Alzheimer's disease has no cute but there are treatments for symptoms that are available. The Alzheimer's Association is having their annual Memory Walk to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care. There are walks in 600 communities worldwide. By joining this walk you can create awareness to other people who might be clueless about Alzheimer's disease. If you raise $500 for The Alzheimer's Association you can qualify for a trip to Las Vegas. Join the Memory Walk 2007 to help those Alzheimer's patients get the hope they need. This is the walk that can change people's lives. It's just about 2-3 mile walk held during the fall so it isn't so hard. Just an hour or so of your time and you can help millions.