Monday, August 6, 2007

Missed Tags

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I'm so sorry if I have been slacking with your tags ladies. I'll try to do everything once the "laziness" goes away. ARghhh! Might be because I'm almost there to the finish line and I think I still have soooooo many things to do for the baby's arrival. Plus Jelynn starting kindergarten and Jewelle having her allergies I think I need an extra 10 hours a day to be able to do everything I want to do. And I love napping again since I have a hard time sleeping at night because no sleep positions sleeps to work anymore so when Jewelle takes her afternoon nap, I try to do the same while Jelynn plays with the computer or does her work book. Thank God though my girls are a little bit older if I got pregnant earlier I would have died hahaha. I mean now I can leave the girls while I do something else especially Jelynn. If she has her work book she can do it the whole day. And since Jelynn is a little bit older she does help me around the house, like getting some stuff downstairs when mommy gets too tired climbing up and down the stairs. She does a lot of a 5-year old and I'm so lucky. Jewelle on the other hand is my own little shadow. She follows me around and I have a hard time leaving her with her Lolo because she likes to go with me everywhere. I have to bribe her so that she stays with lolo but that means when I come back I need to have something for her lol. Thank God we moved back here in San Francisco if not I think I must have gone crazy a long time ago...Rico really owes me big time hahahha.... anyways back to the tags I will do it promise as soon as the laziness goes away. Thanks for always remembering me. Muah!

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