Friday, August 10, 2007

The Most

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I saw this on my old blog thought of answering it again.

I'll be tagging: Yen, JenR, Rissa, Nita, Darlene, Kristine, Sasha and anyone who wants to answer it.


You have accomplished: a mommy to my two girls & a wife to my hubby

Disappointment: Not finishing my College ...but I'll get to not really a disappointment

Where you spend your time on: playing with the girls, scrapping, blogging

You have neglected: reading my books

You have collected: purses & shoes

Item you take care of: wedding rings

Moment you were happy: when I gave birth to Jelynn & Jewelle

Angry you've been: hmmmm whenever someone lies to me.. I hate liars

You have cried: when my mom died

Pain you've experienced: giving birth

You have been teased about: farting in public bwheheheh..Gosh how can you hold your fart? lol

Prettiest time you've felt: When me and my friends had our "dressed up day"

Ugliest time you've felt: in HS..madami kasi ako pimples hahahah

You've been loved by: My parents, my girls & my hubby

You love: Rico, Jelynn, Jewelle & Baby JE

Word you used: NO

Item you've used: computer

Food you made: sinigang

Amount you have spend in one time: 2K for a computer

You have spend on: computer

You have screamed: when I gave birth

Game you have played: trivia games

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