Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Life

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My name: Juzahlyn
childhood ambition: Pediatrician
fondest memory: "alamak" days hahaha..If I can be thankful of my online's the time I spent my days at alamak...I met true friends there and of course my soulmate
soundtrack: Forevermore by Side A
retreat: bedroom
wildest dream: to become a billionaire ...houses at every vacation spot in the world lol..hey it's a dream LOL
proudest moment: when I gave birth to Jelynn
biggest challenge: becoming a mother
alarm clock: no alarm clock for me...only when I have an appointment early that day that's when I use my cell as my alarm clock
perfect day: any day spent with my family
first job: cashier
indulgence: cheeseburgers lol
last purchase: some digiscrapping stuff at the Lily Pad
favorite movie: bkahit ano basta chick flicks
inspiration: my family
My life is: great...having a husband who understand me most times heheh and kids who adore me.
My card is: mastercard? lol....

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