Monday, August 13, 2007

My little school girl

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We bought Jelynn's uniforms for school the other day. She is now so ready to go to school. I also bought her a new backpack from Disney Store with a lunch box. I think she won't be able to use the lunch box because she'll have lunch in school cafeteria. I think it's better that way so she'll learn to eat other foods. I had her picked up all her school supplies too. In two weeks I have a little who goes to school full time. Anyways, since I find her uniform so cute I took some pics. The uniforms are a little big but I think she'll grow into it. Since it's already the smallest size we can't do anything about it lol at least it isn't falling lol.

She also have the pants but it isn't as cute as the Jumper hehe so I haven't taken a pic of that one. Maybe later. She'll only use that when it's get too cold anyways or maybe if I don't have time to wash her jumpers lol.

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