Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my stress reliever

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Would be shopping. Yes I don't think I could go a week without buying anything. I think this started when I got pregnant to Jelynn. I was so excited to shop for baby's clothes. To me every little piece of clothing for babies are a must have hahah. But now that we're having a our third baby I need to cut down on my shopping or at least try o save some money by using coupons.

At couponchief.com you can find many stores that offers online coupons and coupon codes. I saw a lot of coupons for Gap and since school is around the corner it'll be great to buy school clothes for Jelynn over there. I can't pass the chance of getting the coupons they offer at couponchief. Log on at couponchief and you can be sure to find the latest deals in your favorite store. They are constantly adding new merchants, coupon codes and promotional codes so come back often.