Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Potty Training update

10:40 PM / 3 comments

I'm getting serious about potty training Jewelle because well it's about time since she's already three and soon she'll want to go to preschool. Plus she goes through pull-ups after pull-ups and pull ups are expensive. And since we're having Baby JE soon I might as well potty train her before the new baby comes. Because she might gets jealous of the attention we are going to give Baby JE that she would want to act as a baby again. Not wanting to potty train or anything. Monday, I told her she gotta wear the panty for the whole day. She was reluctant at first because she was looking at the pull ups. I told her if she wanted to go to school she gotta learn how to go potty. She did give in and put on her underwear. She had so many accidents but I still encouraged her to make potty and if she does make potty I'll give her Starburst. She did try to go potty going in twice but she refused to take number two on her potty. I said that was okey because she was crying when she made poopie on her panty. I told her she can try again tomorrow. When she went to sleep I gave her back her pull ups because I know she wouldn't be able to control herself just yet. Tuesday when she woke up I told her to take off her pull ups and put on her panty and she did. Then after awhile she went potty. She was so excited to show me that she made wee wee on her potty. So I gave her some starburst. I told her if she goes wee wee on her potty she gets three starburst and if goes poopie there then she gets four. I was so proud of her she went poopie there too. Tuesday was a great day. She only had two accidents and I didn't even have to ask her if she needed to go she goes by herself. I think the accidents happen when she can't control herself anymore. Oh well she'll learn I guess I just need to be more patient.