Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Questions

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Got this at Yen's blog. Thanks again sis hehehe..

This Moment: worried because the girls are sick again..they both have the cold..they got it from their grandparents.
Your Shoes: I usally wear sandals right now because my feet are bigger due to pregnancy lol
Craving: Jamba Juice..hahaha I know I don't get tired of it..I even dreamed of it last night lol
Annoyed By: nothing
Noise In the Background: the girls playing
Really Want To: sleep..hehehe
Thinking about: Rico
Smelling: the humidifier
Favorite Product In Office Supply Aisle: envelopes lol
Don’t Ever Want To: ..I dunno ...hahaha
Your Eye Color: brown
The Weather: Sunny!
Have Never Tried: skinny dipping..I dunno I can't think of any hahaha
Think Everyone Should Try: to listen to their own advice
Last Vacation Destination: I forgot na haven't been in a vacation for awhile..how sad
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: water
Your Bad Habit: up late at night and then wakes up really early in the morning to play the praise game LOL..that's what digiscraping does to your health lol
What You’re Going To Do Now: getting out of the computer..pinaalis na ako ni Jelynn..it's her turn na daw lol