Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sleepless night

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I barely had any sleep last night because of the constant coughing of both girls. They have caught the cold virus from their Lolo who is also suffering from a bad cold. Even their Lola don't feel well. They all have the cold and hopefully i won't catch any. But I may not be lucky this time around because when I woke up my throat started to itch. I don't want to drink any medicine right now. I'll let it pass hopefully it's nothing too bad. I'm still hoping my flu shot way back from January still works. But Jelynn and Jewelle aren't too lucky. They always catch the cold even though they already had their flu shot this year. I guess kids are more susceptible to cold viruses. I am especially worried about Jelynn because she has the tendency to start wheezing when she gets the cold. Plus she starts school tomorrow and then she's sick..poor kid. I started giving her some Tylenol Cold and Cough but she has this bad habit of throwing up stuff she doesn't like. She doesn't take medicines easily. I had to put the tylenol with orange juice so she can at least get it in her system. Hopefully she feels much better tomorrow if not at least I already made an appointment to see her pediatrician.

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