Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Thanks for the tag sis Chaucer.

Where is your cell phone? Next to Jelynn she uses it to look at the time every couple of minutes or so lol.
Relationship? Happily married
Your hair? too long...almost by my elbow
Work? housewife hehehe
Your sister? none..I'm an only child
Your favorite thing? my laptop
Your dream last night? i hardly remember my dreams anymore heheh
Your favorite drink? Jamba Juice's mango a go go
Your dream car? Lexus RX450h
The room you’re in? the bedroom
Your shoes? black sandals
Your fears? snakes and heights
What do you want to be in 10 years? still be happily married with then 3 kids
Who did you hang out with this weekend? none just in the house
What are you not good at? a lot lol...I cannot draw even if you pay me lol
Muffin? banana nut
One of your wish list items? Video Cam and another point and shoot camera
Where you grew up? Pangasinan until I was 11 then I came here in San Francisco, CA
Last thing you did? wrote a post for PPP
What are you wearing? capri and T shirt
What aren’t you wearing? my wedding ring lol since pregnancy had created a humongous fingers it don't fit in the moment
Your pet? none
Your computer? toshiba
Your life? contented
Your mood? lazy LOL
Missing? my hubby
What are you thinking about right now? Cooking...what's for dinner?
Your car? nissan pathfinder
Your kitchen? too small for a wanna be chef like me LOL
Your summer? been too cold
Your favorite color? pink & red
Last time you laughed? just a couple of hours ago..something about Jewelle pretending to hold a picnic basket kahit wala naman syang basket lol
Last time you cried? when my Little girl had allergies
School? nothing right now
Love? my family and friends and most especially God

Tagging anyone on my blogroll if you haven't done it already or if you have extra time on your hands