Monday, August 20, 2007

Thoof Knows You

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I've always wondered how websites get their unique name just like the website Thoof is a website where you can read personalized news that only you are interested in. Thoof is dedicated to anyone interested in news and information. I think the founders of Thoof probably named their site thoof because they want their readers to instantly get the news that they are interested in and the ones they are not interested in goes Thoof. Thoof uses personalization algorithm that caters to your personal preferences. Thoof is different from any other news website because they try their best to serve every individuals' interest and not assume that everyone may be interested in the same thing. You can even submit stories at Thoof and have readers who are interested in the same thing as you do rate your stories. Once you submit a story you get a ThoofBadge Rank when readers vote on your submitted story. You can be a part of Thoof democracy by voting and submitting revision to a story you have read. If you want to read the news your own way Thoof is the site for you. They have updated news all the time. So go sign up now.