Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top 10 Reasons when I love my Hubby

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10. He is my best friend

9. The sense of security I feel by being with him.

8. He always makes me feel beautiful and loved.

7. All the great times we shared together.

6. When I'm with him I never feel alone.

5. The sense of completeness I feel when I married Rico

4. With Rico's support I feel like I can
face or achieve anything.

3. I can myself around him..I can be bitchy..moody or plain dorky lol

2. He can make me laugh

1. And whatever I do..he will always love me..no matter what.

Ahhhh..I must miss him a lot hahah I'm talking about dh lol. I'm usually not a baby and cry about him being away... I haven't cried as much the 5 months Rico was away from us. I really thought I would but I surprised myself. I guess I was too busy being pregnant and taking care of the two girls. But anyways, at least in less than a month he'll be here..yeppiii...I just hope I don't give birth before then hahah.