Friday, August 3, 2007

Trip to Hawaii

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Early this year Rico and I have decided we'll go on a vacation once he comes back from deployment. We also decided that the place would be Hawaii because when he transfer again in a couple of years he wants it to be Hawaii and I told him I need to go there first and if we like it then I'll agree to move there. He told me to start looking for hotels and airfare. The girls also doesn't mind to travel Hawaii because my girls just love the beach. They love to swim even though they don't know how to swim yet. I have also been researching everything we need to know about Hawaii at Hawaiian travel info. I found a lot of information I needed for the vacation. is a great place also to book accommodations to Hawaii because they have hotels and condos to choose from so you can save a lot of money. Who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii right? Almost everyone I know would love to go to the most beautiful island of the world but I know how expensive it is so go to and you can save a lot of money.